Basic CRUD operations in SQL

Lets create,read, update and delete customers

Mohamed Allam

The following steps will help you get started as quickly as possible, manipulating SQL data.

Golang setup guide

This is how I am setting up Golang.

Mohamed Allam

This the basic Golang setup for Mac Users.

The 2 Algorithms representations

Algorithms are generally represented in two ways

Mohamed Allam

An algorithm is a plan, a set of step-by-step instructions to resolve a problem. And there is two ways to represent that.

Golang tricks

Golang, is fun, and this are some tricks to use

Mohamed Allam

Golang is a beautiful programming language, this tricks will make it even fun

Deploy Hugo

Hugo is awesome and free, but hosting is often paid, with Hugo its free, lets figure it out how

Mohamed Allam

Browse this FAQ page to find answers to frequently asked questions about the golang-book.

Algo: Complexity and Performance

Lets learn Golang Concurency, how to declare them and how to use them.

Mohamed Allam

The efficiency of an algorithm is measured through this parameters

Append to slice of struct

Implement append, to a slice of structs.

Mohamed Allam

Lets append more values to a slice of struct, or an array of struct

Build Go Modules

Lets learn Golang Modules, how to declare them and how to use them.

Mohamed Allam

In Go, Modules we need lot of modules, lets create one.

Data structure

Golang, Data structure is awesome, lets figure out how

Mohamed Allam

Data Structure, and Algorithms, boring? now, this article shows you how